How to Pick a Court Interpreter

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Leaving your legal status, on any subject, in the hands of an unqualified court interpreter, may be extremely dangerous.  Imagine not being able to understand what the judge is telling you, and not knowing if the person who is translating for you understands what the judge is saying.

The difference between being fully bilingual and being able to interpret a court order or decision is crucial, when it concerns a judicial matter. For court interpreters, being around legal language all day is something normal. However, for regular citizens who at any given point, get subpoenaed, the situation is very different.

More than often, we are surprised at the fact that we are cited to court. We may not know why we are being called or what we did to have to go to court. Friends and family may be trying to look out for us and want to help, but it is crucial for the outcome of your appointment, to consider someone who not only knows the language, but also knows the procedures and protocols of a court interpretation.

A court interpreter must be acquainted with the language and terminology used in legal and/or fiscal proceedings.  The court interpreter must be trustworthy enough to guarantee confidentiality of your court procedures.  Finally, the court interpreter should give you the security that you have chosen the correct person to translate your intentions and the decisions taken during your court session.

Court interpreters in Florida are abundant, and many excellent court interpreters are available throughout.  However, when choosing a court interpreter for your case, make sure that you have selected a person that you can trust with your personal matters. Chose a person who will show up on time and readily available to your appointment.


Don´t go for second best. An Interpretation service company is usually more liable than a natural person. Make sure to check the background and qualifications of your court interpreter. Reviews on the person or company are desirable.

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