Lost in Translation

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Proper translation of Corporate documents is not a readily available Google app. General concepts in a Company are easily understood by CAT tools, however, giving your corporate information to open source tools online may be a risky solution.

Translation is more than just a language/based activity.  Translating your business requires confidential document management, ethics, knowledge, common sense, bilingualism and understanding of the objective of the document that will be translated.

Your audience, whether it is a client, a business partner, a supplier or a buyer, depends on how accurately you communicate your intentions to them.  Translation then becomes as crucial as basic communication technology.

When faced with a language barrier, it is easy to go for the fastest and the cheapest option.  However, fast and cheap, may place at risk safe and accurate.

A business agreement, a sale, a purchase, a merger, are not documents that should go online for any reason, unless they are considered public documents, and usually these documents become public after they have been signed and subscribed.  Although translation is a step towards the positive outcome in an international transaction of this sort, it should not be done by the cheapest or the fastest provider.

Translating corporate documents is best done by trustworthy, real translators, who understand the nature of the business and the transaction. Business administrators, economists, lawyers, who are professional certified translators should always be part of your communications team in an international corporate transaction that involves the need for translation.

At TR+S Traducciones y Servicios you will find that although we are not a translator database that offers thousands of languages in translation options, we are highly qualified, provide guarantees for your document translation and will offer you the best translator available to fit your need.

Please take your time to think whether it is worth to lose a contract over a poor translation job for not paying the worth of professionalism and quality in bilingual communication.

Call TR+S for your corporate presentation.  Our aim is to help you get to your objectives with a smooth and effective communication.  Request your document proposal now.

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